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WANTED: Talented Developer/Researcher/Programmer/Engineer

Here's what we really want:

Imagination ... Passion ... Creativity!

Want to work with us?

We are an innovative, inner-city technology company, integrating and developing world first software, hardware and electronic engineering solutions that weren't there before we imagined them.

We are not the typical company looking for a 'skill' like a 'C programmer'. Since most of our projects are somewhat specialised and involve a degree of integration between disciplines, we require our people to be creative, to be able to think and adapt to different needs within a technical scope. We often apply unorthodox solutions, so long as they are technically sound.

We are looking to expand our small, focused R&D team with like-minded developers who enjoy working on challenging projects.

The following requirements are a given:

If you can embrace technical hurdles, think creatively, act proactively and inventively and relish the opportunity to work with emerging technologies and contribute to novel ideas, we would welcome your application to join our team. We are seeking people who have an enormous capacity to not know what can't be done.

Warning: Interviews involve a gruelling coding test that challenges your understanding of algorithms, technology and lateral thinking.

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If you have any questions, please refer them to or contact the recruitment manager on (03) 9090 9160.

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