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WANTED: Talented Developer/Researcher/Programmer/Engineer

“It's kinda fun to do the impossible”

Walt Disney

Want to work with us?

We are an innovative, inner-city technology company, integrating and developing world first software, hardware and electronic engineering solutions that weren't there before we imagined them. We typically take projects from concept all the way to design, development, manufacturing, sales, support and maintenance thereafter.

Although we are best known for our iconic displays at Melbourne's tram stops, we also work on a variety of projects behind the scenes, including:

which integrate a wide range of technologies:

and these require a mix of programming languages:

as well as their corresponding toolkits and IDEs.

We are currently looking to expand our small development team with equally creative, easy-going individuals who have proficient programming and problem solving skills and are passionate about their work. We are not the typical company looking for a specific skill like a 'C programmer', as we find that good developers can adapt easily to different languages and technologies.

We provide as much opportunity as possible for developers to work in different technical areas over time, according to their interests, with mentoring from peers and constant on-the-job learning. SmartGuide is an equal opportunity employer, focused on supporting our staff, which we see as our greatest assets.

The Role(s)

We would like to increase our development capacity in various new projects that require the following:

Even if you are not experienced in all of these areas but believe you possess a strong techical foundation that would allow you to ramp up to a high standard quickly, as well as a genuine willingness to give it a go, we would welcome your application to join our team, as we would junior developers who may not yet have strong industry experience but who can think creatively, act proactively and inventively and relish the opportunity to work with emerging technologies and contribute to novel ideas.

Warning: Interviews involve a gruelling coding test that challenges your understanding of algorithms, technology and lateral thinking.

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If you have any questions, please refer them to or contact the recruitment manager on (03) 9090 9160.

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